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A Move to
In an effort to provide the best contribution that I can to the Ajax (and surrounding) communities, I've decided to join up with the fine folks over on to help make that an even better resource.

So, what does this mean for Well, the site will sill remain here so that posts linked to will not disappear, but there will no longer be any new posts from me here. Instead, I will be posting over on Ajaxian in their various sections. You can still keep an eye out for the kinds of posts that have been here all along - they'll be included with even more of the posts from Dion, Ben, Rob, and Michael.

If you'd like to subscribe to their feed, you can grab this link.

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by Anonymous :: 09.04.2006 07:13:20

Re: Nice move
by Anonymous :: 07.12.2006 04:38:06
Why don't you just cycle all links

Nice move
by Anonymous :: 02.01.2006 23:17:56
You're making all the right moves Chris. Best of luck on Ajaxian.

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