AJAX sets off tools race
In this new article from today, they talk about the "tools race" that has been created to bring the best development toolkit to the anxiously awaiting Javascript developers out there.

The growing popularity of interactive Web sites has set off a race among software companies, each pitching their own development toolkit.

Among these is Sun Microsystems, which on Tuesday released Java Studio Creator 2, a free tool for building Web applications that promises to speed up AJAX-style development. IBM is getting into the fray too, with an announcement expected next week of its plans for selling tools that tap AJAX and for building a community of developers around these.

The article goes on, talking about some of the progress that's been made so far, and how it all will benefit the developers the most. With more toolkits they have to choose from, the more likely they'll find an environment they like and be more productive as a result...

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What do you think about Reusable Ajax GUI Classes?
by Anonymous :: 03.10.2006 09:33:55
This web site has a cool technology and Ajax examples. Isn�t it looks too simple and innovative?

Can any of you confirm that the process really works? To understand the process you must have experience in Java and JavaScript programming.

If would be a big favor, if some one can validate the process. The process is not complex but need to be validated by qualified programmer. Full information about the process is provided in the web site and also has many reusable Ajax component examples.

If it really works, it is too revolutionary to ignore and Ajax would eventually kill all other GUI APIs and Ajax frameworks.

Most web pages can include many cool Ajax components by writing just few lines or build cool online games.


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