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XML - Using MySQL with AJAX
From Andrew Gilfrin's blog, there's this new post that looks at a very simple way to convert the output of a MySQL database to XML, thus making it easier for Ajax to grab.

There has been a few posts on PlanetMySQL recently with regard to an XML, firstly the new XML functions for extracting information from XML stored in standard tables and more recently an XML storage engine. It got me thinking, I've posted recently about working with AJAX and I've been developing some AJAX functionality for our clients. [...] What would be great is if we could use an Apache module to return the contents of a MySQL stored procedure, this procedure could accept parameters and return an XML document straight from Apache, no additional PHP layer just an HTTP response directly from the webserver interacting with MySQL.

His post was just a "what if" kind of thing, but, thankfully, the comments have come to the rescue and provided a clear, easy answer to the problem, making it possible to output XML almost directly from MySQL...

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