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Developers need to step back and think.
On Eric's blog today, he has a new post the encourages developers to take a step back and look at the application that they're developing - and really look hard to see if it needs Ajax.

I have been doing a lot of consulting lately looking at people's ideas for Ajax applications. Whole idea behind it is to tell them if it will work or not. I have seen some cool ideas, ideas I would have never thought of, but I have seen a lot of bad ones too. Now it really seems that people think "flashy" is good. If I add tons of crap people will love it. It may make your application top of the line, but you have to draw a line somewhere.

Developers have to remember don't change things that are normal by default and users can not read your mind on how things work! Do not override functionality!!!! I can not stress that point enough.

He talks further about good application design choices and the over-use of things like the "yellow fade technique" for no other purpose than that they can. As an example of the bad points he talks about, he points to the ASP.NET forums and their overuse of the fade technique...

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