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Dojo Progress Widget
Via today, there's a pointer to a write up from Richard Rodger on the creation of a Dojo progress widget.

The last time I posted about dojo we looked at creating a simple dojo widget. The final aim was to produce a web-oriented progress bar.

Well, now it's finished. Head over to the demo page for XML Manager (my latest product) to try it out. It's a web progress bar because it adapts to the amount of time a server request is expected to take. Each little box takes a little bit longer than the last one, so that it can cover short wait periods just as well as long wait periods.

This post will take a look at the JavaScript, HTML and CSS code to implement this progress bar as a dojo widget. In the last post the code I gave was actually for dojo 0.1. Since dojo 0.2 is the latest version, I've moved to that for the final implementation. There aren't really any big changes.

His post shows the Javascript it took to create the widget (inside the framework), and includes some HTML and CSS to get things nice and styled...

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